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FAQ for Artists

Q: Why do artists participate in the Brunswick 10x10?

The 10x10 is a fundraiser that supports the work of Arts Are Elementary, a Maine non-profit that pays local artists to work as resident artists in every single elementary school class in Brunswick. www.artsareelementary.org.

AAE provides work for Maine artists, fosters art in the community, and inspires more than 1000 student artists every year. Sales of ourparticipating artists’ works are key to Arts Are Elementary’s continued success.

Q: If I use an off-the- shelf canvas in one of your sizes, won’t framing it make it too big?

We chose off-the- shelf canvas/board/panel sizes for the convenience of many artists. You may frame such a piece, but the overall dimension may not exceed 1” larger than the size requirement.

Q. What if I create an odd-sized piece and want to frame it?

You may either mat the piece, or use a frame with a wide edge, to make the piece fit one of our size requirements.

Q: What if I pay for and submit 2 pieces, but you only have room to hang 1 of them?

If we cannot hang both of your pieces, we'll send you the $10 refund. If you prefer, we’d be very happy to accept the extra $10 as a donation to the work of Arts Are Elementary.

Q: What kind of hanger do you want attached to my piece?

Any kind of hanger will work (wire, sawtooth, etc), but the space between the top of your piece and where it will hang on the nail must be 5/8” (i.e. the same distance from the top of the piece to the sawtooth indent on our old standard 10x10 frame).

Q: Why did you change the date? It conflicts with the Common Ground Fair.

We know the new event date of September 22 conflicts with the first day of the Common Ground Fair, but the 29th conflicted with Yom Kippur, so we had to make a choice.

A sample of framed, hanging works at the 2015 Brunswick 10x10 Art Show and Sale even

A sample of framed work at the 2015 Brunswick 10x10 Art Exhibit and Sale event.

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